So we got the halloween costume all figured out finally!! We didn't leave much time to spare, the pig part of the costume came in yesterday (she's being Olivia), and we tried on the striped tights and red jumper, I was amazed at how much the costume came together, and she stared running around the house oinking at the dog, hilarious, she was so cute!  I will post pictures after Halloween. She cannot wait to go trick or treating, it should be fun this year, last year she wasn't too sure about it and the year before she was only 8 months old so we just carried her around.  Going through a phase of projects....wanting to make a new headboard for my bed, have some crafting projects for Bria's X-mas presents and would like to finish the back yard if the dog will stop destroying everything I attempt to create. I really cannot wait until he grows out of this phase, the other night he ate the inside of Brianna's lunch pail, you know the embroidered pottery barn kids one that cost almost as much as the dog did! I forgot with my other dog how annoying and frustrating this phase was and how much stuff you lose! He's only 10 months old so I fear we have about another year left of this from what I can remember from my other dog. Not much going on this week just preparing for halloween and the breast cancer 3 day in two weeks!

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  1. Nicole Says:

    Her costume came out great! She looked absolutely adorable as usual. I have something for you on my blog :)