How do you share a person? Especially if you grew her inside of you and now you're supposed to share her? How is that possible? I have joint custody of my 2 year old daughter, although I have her 90% of the time, I'm constantly afraid that one day her father will exercise his right to have her 50% of the time.  I don't know how I will handle that....recently he said he is going to finally buy her a bed at his house (he hasn't ever had one since she's been out of a crib ( a year ago) the rare times she has spent the night she sleeps with him, ugh!!!) so I assume that means he wants to start keeping her overnight now....I really don't know how to share...did my mom skip that Kindergarden lesson? Did I share my toys as a child? I don't think so, because now as an adult, I hate sharing! I'm trying to teach my two year old how to be nice and that we share, when i am 28 years old I hate sharing.  Can't I just tell her, "keep your stuff, don't share it, people always will want what you have, work for it, keep it" as an adult that's how we all live.  We may occasionally share a pizza, let someone borrow a pen, but do we like sharing? Do we have a sharing society? Ummm no! As adults we like to keep the things that we've worked hard how am I supposed to share my daughter? How do I teach her that sharing is important as a child with your friends, but when you're an adult you will just resent it....
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  1. Elle Says:

    Love this, and you're absolutely right we don't share in our society... hang in there as much as you love your daughter every little girl needs a daddy... maybe try to focus on anything positive he might bring to her life... like helping you scare of sketchy boyfriends when she gets to high school :)