This past weekend, Friday to be exact, I went to the Phoenix Suns game with some friends.  We decided to take the light rail (metro) into Phoenix rather than fight traffic. The ride to the game was pretty uneventful, with the exception of a mother leaving her kid on the metro as she got off at a stop and the the kid did not get off in time. A security guard appeared out of no where and took care of the situation.  We went to the game, had a few drinks after and then headed home.  We were joking around, taking pictures

You'll notice the kid next to us in his Suns gear, minding his business alone on the metro.  All of the sudden 3 guys from the train car in front of us, apparently very intoxicated, stumble into our train car and start yelling at this kid for no reason whatsoever.  The kid didn't even yell back, he just kept telling them everything was ok, he didn't want any trouble and gave them the "thumbs up" sign, well apparently in drunk trash world, that is not acceptable.  They started punching him, right where we were sitting so we got up and went to another part of the train. You will notice other passengers on the train in the background, they didn't do anything...I mean afterall I guess they could have had a gun, I called 911, so did the friend I was with, but I was so appalled how no one did anything...I kept thinking, what if that were me?
It was bad enough no one did anything on the train, 911 in Arizona is a joke, it's unfortunately not the first time I've had to call, but this was just ridiculous, I kept telling the person on the line what stop we were pulling up to, what streets we were crossing and she was asking me if I knew which city i was in...really? Don't you have google maps? Aren't you 911? I have GPS on my blackberry, and hello this metro is a year old, it isn't very big, if I say "I'm on Washington and Priest" that's very self explanatory to a fellow arizonian, especially someone trained to dispatch police to save people's lives.  Did I mention during all of this there was no metro security? The victim got off the train and then so did the 3 guys that jumped him at the same stop, then some security guard ( i won't describe how ill-equipped he was, I'm sure you get the picture by now) gets off to take statements. What a joke!!! The 911 operator was surprised I gave my name to her. Really?
What is this world coming to? Why wouldn't someone help? I understand being fearful of them having a gun, but giving a statement as a witness? They're not the mafia, what are they going to do if I say I saw what they did? People should stand up for what they believe in and not be such cowards, God forbid something should happen to me for speaking up, at least something will happen with me being brave and standing for what I believe in then being a coward and walking away......what if that was me?
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