Rarely do I spend this much time on my blog, but i came across a great blog this morning (One Hungry Chef), in his post he mentioned that his Grandmother was very secretive about her recipes, always leaving out an ingredient when she shared them with friends so that hers would taste better....this kind of goes with my earlier post today about sharing....proof! As adults we don't share! I also am commenting about this because I feel the same way his grandmother parties or get togethers people always ask me for my recipes for the food I make, whether it's a simple onion dip or my slow cooked pulled pork bbq, my chili (a passed down recipe from my dad) and I'm always reluctant to share.  I think to myself, well if they have my recipes then what will be so special about my food? The next party we go to they might make it and then people will rant an rave over their stuff. Food, decorating, stuff like that is what makes me, well me. I have a knack for it, I have a great eye for design and I'm a good cook (yes I know a bit cocky, but hey it's true!), if I share all my secrets, they will be taking little pieces of me....we can't have little pieces of Christie running around, that just won't work.  Some sing, write, make crafts, draw...I design, I cook that's just me and I'm not sharing!

I know it looks good, but you can't have the recipe....ok fine I didn't come up with it so I will share this one time.....Barefoot Contessa's Pan Fried Onion Dip and yes it's too die for, you will love it so much you will want to smear it all over your body...yes mom I quoted you!
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