I'll be honest, I'm the typical American, I go about my usual day, wake up, make coffee (or have it waiting for me thanks to my Cuisinart Grind and Brew) get ready for work, get the tot ready for school, feed the dog, head out... on a daily basis I really don't give too much thought to global warming/climate change.  I mean I try to do my part, buy energy saving light bulbs, turn off the lights when I leave the room, recycle, and recently I decided to start a compost pile.  I saw this article about the Brazilian rain forest and how they plan to save it, really? It took us this long to realize we need to save it? Then I read another article about how the global warming is effecting wine production...what am I going to do without my monthly wine nights with the girls? It keeps me sane! No more ski vacations? Really? No more Island Getaways? Really? Are you getting the pattern here?
I don't think about global warming all the time because it hasn't effected me on a daily basis, but reading all the things that could change my life was horrifying! These foundations/ charities/ organizations need to dumb it down for people, make the average person realize how it's going to effect their daily life. I know that sounds selfish, but that's how people are, especially in the the western world....we're selfish, we want to know how is this going to effect me? Yes it's tragic to hear about how an animal is becoming extinct due to deforestation, believe me I wrote a whole paper on it in high school, but I dont' think about that everyday and I bet you don't either, unless it's your job to....the world, our political leaders really need to take action and realize how awful all the changes are and how fast it's effecting everything and they need to be "real" with people, dumb it down, let us know how it's going to effect our daily lives, I bet you would have a lot more people writing about this if they realized what's really going on with the environment. You would have a lot more people that care....

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