Finally done with the travelling, gift giving/receiving, over indulgence in food, shopping...etc.  I love the holidays and I absolutely adore my family, but I am exhausted!!! My daughter and I headed back east for the holidays, through snow, wind and family we made it, she is quite the little two year old trooper!  Of course you cannot travel without some reading materials, i blew through John Grisham's Ford County, not my favorite of his, but a nice collection of short stories, I felt like just as I got into the story there was an abrupt ending to it. I read The new Elle Decore and Food & Wine, both staples in my house and my new bible to live by "Skinny Bitch" Love it Love it Love it.....I am seriously considering becoming vegetarian...It's a huge decision though, I went through a phase of it when I was about 11, but now thinking about how much meat is apart of my life completely grosses me out!! If you haven't read this ( I know it's been out for awhile and I am behind the curve on this one) you have to read it!! I normally don't fall into these type of books but after I read this I ordered "Skinny Bitch in the Kitch" and the "Skinny Bitch Boot Camp" DVD. See I told you I was obsessed.  I think what I like about it the most is it's not just a diet book, it's a way of living, and it gives it to you straight, no nonsense and tells you informative information that's not boring, like about the FDA and USDA and all the other dumb diets people go on, why they are unhealthy. This just basically says if you eat healthier (gives you reasons why you should) you will feel and look better. I'm doing it this year, I have totally fallen off the band wagon, I used to not drink soda, not eat fast food and I have become lazy and it's a vicious cycle b/c I'm eating like crap I feel like crap and I'm tired all the time and don't feel like doing anything! Go figure....

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