So my daughter is becoming more and more a handful these days, more understanding things, copying and imitating, forming her own self. It can be exasperating sometimes, she's very confident, pushy at times, she has even told me I'm not the boss...ha ha yeah ok little miss 2 year old. The other night she was so wound up, wouldn't lay down to watch her cartoons before bed (that's what we do a 1/2 hour before bed time to "wind down") nothing was working, so I had to pull out the "Do you want me to call Yanna (my mother) and tell her you're not listening, because she will be very upset". My daughter's eyes got real big and she shook her head no and laid down and watched cartoons and went to bed like an angel.  Wow, now I have to threaten to call my mom is going to love this!!! Guess what mom, my daughter won't listen to me unless I tell her I'm going to call you, oh and I also told her my Mom's cat, Samson, would be sad that she wasn't listening, so a cat has more control over my daughter then I do these days....lovely. Maybe I should tell her Samson and Yanna will be disappointed if she won't go on the potty...hey if it works I'm going to use it!!!
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  1. Stopping by to follow from MBC. :)

  2. First time reader and visiting from MBC.

    I haven't pulled the "I'm calling Grandma" yet. We're military, so my husband is gone -- a lot. So threatening to call daddy is usually enough to get my 5-yr. old to settle down.

    Good luck with that!

    ~ Jennifer

  3. Sacred Mesa Says:

    My heart is swelling with pride. Yanna loves Bria. And so does Samson. xxx

  4. Deanna Says:


    Following you from MBC. Please pop by my blog


  5. I have used it too. Good luck with it!