So we all grow up with the "American Dream" shoved down our throats of that perfect house with the white picket fence, a dog, and 2.5 children, family vacations to the Grand Canyon, the beach, and of course Disneyland/Disneyworld.....I on the other hand do everything backwards....I got married, got divorced, had a child, became a single parent, then got a career, got a dog and I am thinking about buying  that little perfect house... I know you should do it the other way around but hey I am one that tries to re-invent the wheel or as my mother has said "do things the hard way". I reply "that's how you learn, by experiencing". I have always wanted 2-3 children, my daughter has brought so much joy into my life I would love 10 of her.....BUT then I went to Disneyland...not just for a day like last year for her birthday, but for an entire weekend. I've never seen my daughter act the way she did at the "most magical place on earth". She was possessed, crazy, whiny, crying, 2 going on 15, she didn't want to listen, nothing worked, threatening to go back to the hotel, threatening to go home, time-outs, prizes, and yes I even said I was going to call my mother--that didn't even work....NOTHING! She was like nothing I have ever seen...don't get me wrong we had a blast, but I'm content with just one of her now. I love her but I don't think I could handle another one. She even got upset that she couldn't go on a water ride that she was 3 inches short for, really? I was like you are two!!! Even if you were tall enough, that ride is way too crazy! She has no fear though (like her father), no reasoning... as I remind her that she is two, I also have to remind myself of that fact, she is only two, she has no reasoning. The long and short of it....if you want more kids, go to Disneyland...even if you don't have one child now, just listen to the parents as you are walking around the park arguing with their kids, yelling at them, exhausted, exasperated....and I promise you will think twice.  My mother would be proud, although I'm sure she would like more grandchildren, she will be happy to know they won't be in the near future and I am doing things the "right way", waiting. One is more than enough for now, maybe ever....
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