So I just came back to the doctor's office, for my oh so lovely "yearly exam" and when the doctor asked me "do you have any concerns christie" I replied, "well yes, it seems when the nurse weighed me on the way in I am 20 lbs. heavier then I've ever been in my life, I just turned 29, is this what I look forward to in my thirties". Of course she laughed, assured me that losing the 20 would be so simple and that my body doesn't want to carry that weight It's not that, my eyes don't want to see that weight anymore and my jeans are screaming at me, recently I feel like a stuffed sausage. She ended the visit with " well let's have some blood work done to make sure there's no issue with the sudden weight gain"  i though in my head... will the blood work show the baskin robbins I had last night? Oh the last year of my twenties.... this is the year you start to look back and think is there anything else I need to accomplish before I reach my thirties so I'm not looking over my shoulder next year thinking, why haven't I done such and such before I turned 30.  Let's see....1) graduated college 2) got married 3) moved to the other side of the country 4) got divorced 5) had a child 4) tried a few different career paths 5) got into law school and deferred 6) helped start a company 7) hate my job ( a pre-requisite for adulthood I think ) 8) done some moderate traveling.....I seem to have accomplished quite a bit and yet I feel like I'm where I was 10 years ago, just a hell of a lot more bitter and worn around the edges....this last year of my twenties I'm going to try to figure out what it is that I have to do to feel like I've "gotten there" whatever that means....
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We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive at where we started
And know the place for the first time.

- T. S. Eliot, Little Gidding

I began this walk knowing how horrible this disease is because I have witnessed what it can do up close. Opening Ceremony in Gilbert, AZ, I was filled with excitement and nervousness, ready to embark on this journey with my teammate, Tina. Through the cold nights camping, warm mobile showers, wonderful people, inspiring and unforgettable moments, these 3 days changed my life.

I ended this walk knowing that what we did for these 3 days echoed loudly between the mountains in Arizona of our commitment to finding a cure and stopping this disease. Walking through victory lane and onto closing ceremony holding my sneaker up with one arm for the survivors and holding my beautiful daughter in my other arm, I also walked for her. This is only the beginning of my journey to help find a cure for breast cancer. I will meet this challenge again crewing for the 2010 3- Day in San Diego, CA.

Thank you for your generous donation to Susan G Komen For The Cure. Your gift helped save lives and continue research for breast cancer; for at one time in our life it will effect someone we know.

This is what I put in my thank you notes to my donors....The 3 days were so amazing, I cannot put into words how it made me feel. It was so inspiring and made me want to do so much more...if you or anyone want to do the 3-day in San Diego in November 2010 and crew let me know! My teammate Tina and I have already signed up!