Your parents always tell you that "you'll understand when you have kids", and "I hope you have a child just like you so you know what I had to go through".....well I'm hear to tell you what you will never admit to them or maybe even to yourself, your parents were right....I have a two year old, she is the cutest thing, people stop me in public to tell me how beautiful she is, but she also has the attitude of a 15 year old. She knows she's cute, she uses it to her advantage and she'll tell you how it is and where to put it....lovely I know!
You're just reading this, I have to deal with it on a daily basis. I love her to death and I only have myself to thank for her witty replies to everything I ask her to do. See I too have quite the attitude (or so I've been told), I like to think of it as sarcasm, smarts, and wittiness, now that it's coming in my direction I can see that it may not be taken that way by others. When you ask your two year old to turn and look at you so you can take a picture of her and she says "In a minute, I'm busy", or you tell her you love her and she says "I don't want to say it, I'm busy". I ask her to carry something from the car and she tells me "no mom, my hands are full" and she's only holding her sippy cup. If you ask her to pick up her toys she tells you, yes you guessed it, "no mom, I can't I'm busy"...
Part of me laughs and the other part of me just sits and thinks if she's like this at two there's no way I will be able to handle her at 15. I love that she's independent, offering the ever so cute remark "no i do it myself mom" and I love how smart she is, when I told her that she needed to stop crying when she wanted something, now she shouts from her bedroom, when I think she's fast asleep, "Mom i need juice, more juice mom" and yells it over and over again until you go get her the juice. Well at least she's not crying right?
Everyday it gets better and she blows me away with how much stuff she picks up at her day care and from me. She's so smart and hilarious, but since when are two year olds too busy to say I love you? Yes mine is, and I only have myself to thank, because my parents were right, I got a little mini-me running around as great as that sounds in theory, not so great on paper. The sarcasm and wittiness and independence I pride myself on I think is a bit much in a two year old, but after all I really have my parents to thank because I am the mini-me version of them....
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  1. Beth Dunn Says:

    I hear you! My sons are really giving me a run for my money xoxo